What Defines Our Product

What Defines Our Product

PayDimension invokes the power of technology to solve everyday online payment problems. Our solution is that involving the mix of several digital medium to provide affordable, convenient and readily accessible payment experience in the African market.

Ours is not just another online merchant offering regular services, but an evolution borne out of extensive research, deep knowledge and carefully thought out processes aimed at facilitating an innovative payment lifestyle.

In answering to your payment needs, we also blend in a good deal of rewards and incentives that comes additionally to our already competitively low rates.

We combine the power of web, mobile, telecommunication and social media technologies to develop a payment system that meets your exact demands in the 21st century economy. We are always upgrading our services and continually adding to the long list of support channels to enable an inclusive usage for all our customers; merchants and buyers alike.

Our product is currently available on our website, android app (iOS coming soon), Facebook Messenger AI, mobile USSD & SMS and through API. As part of our unique culture and exceptional user experience, we would be launching a peer-to-peer cash & credit exchange system on our platform soon, to provide for our users a cash-credit balanced ecosystem at everytime, securely and conveniently.

Our Technologies

Our systems are hinged on an efficient mix of different technologies to ease payments.

Tedicash P2P Money Transfer

This application securely connects you with similar users within your proximity who have an opposite need of cash or bank credit amount in exchange for what you need. It offers suggestions for best matches based on user internal ranking, location and exact amount requirement.
It is useful in situations where you can't access conventional bank facilities like distant or inaccessible banking halls (during holidays), faulty or crowded ATMs, cash evacuation for business outlets with high cash transacting volumes, mobile money agents requiring better offers and also for people who choose convenience, flexibility and time-saving over routine services.

All-in-One Mobile App (PayBuddy)

Our mobile app provides you with the right technology and options needed to enjoy a seemless, hazzle-free and spontaneous payment experience on the go. Purchases could be performed with just two clicks on our mobile app using our Quick-Pay option which allows you to save routine payments and securely place orders in less than five seconds when ever you need to.
PayDimension App comes loaded with our Tedicash P2P Money Transfer application to enable you request and offer cash or bank credit solutions conveniently from anywhere. It also has instant chat messaging functions for conflict resolution and inquiries.

Pay Via USSD / SMS

This is a payment option available to you on our platform whereby you can connect to your account using USSD (star code) technology. Users of this service must activate it first on their profile which comes with additional charges, though minimal.
This thus means that users of legacy phones (or non-android devices) would not miss out of anything as they can securely send USSD commands to our servers and have the services they require delivered to them just the same way. The facility is also available on SMS options where users can type specific codes via SMS to perform transactions securely and conveniently.

Pay Via Facebook Messenger

Users of our platform can access our services easily while on Facebook Messenger using our chat bot available through our Facebook Page @PayDimension. Our chat bot is an AI (Artifical Intelligence) feature designed to interract with users in a chat environment by helping them submit the appropriate commands needed to securely execute different transactions on our platform.
This service is totally free except for normal data charges incured for using Facebook. Meaning our customers can have their payment needs met on the go either at work or while catching some fun!